feat.Elbee Bad
audio-visual art installation
by Christian Graupner, Humatic
& Moritz Mattern.
initiated by Joulia Strauss

related works: H_RP series

photo by Jürgen Lösel
In an improvised performance DJ Elbee Bad shares his ideas of a music video clip. He develops a vision of a common video shooting with Shakira before the story takes a surprising new direction. Time- axis manipulations, screen & character multiplication and cinematographic design in 2&3D add new form- and content defined levels to the protagonist's story telling. The multi-screen installation in its forward looking 48:9 format can be experienced in a selective & non-linear way.

3 synchronized Full HD Screens, 6 Audio Channels, Length: ca.18 min, Loop

Installation videos
(password protected):
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watch in full length
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notations & related graphical works
related works: H_RP series

2013 short version on YouTube

Elbee Bad performer ( the Prince of Dance Short Biografy )
Christian Graupner concept & video, CV
Moritz Mattern video & 3D CV
Humatic Berlin in cooperation with TMA Hellerau
Set Up
3 synchronized Full HD Screens, 6 Audio Channels, Length: ca.18 min, Loop * > technical rider
Gwendaline Bachini, postpro assistant
Nico Aimar, sound assistent,
Cornelia Bauer, management Elbee Bad,
Maxim Scharl & Moritz Scharl, Breitbildbrueder GmbH Camera &Technique support,
Björn Friese, BFFX fire operator,

thanks to Joulia Strauss, Melanie Bliss, Thomas Dumke,Christian Wilmes, (Fumakilla ).

Photos 600dpi

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Christian Graupner


CG is a Berlin based visual artist and film composer, guest artist at ZKM, Karlsruhe and creator of user reactive movie playback systems. In CG's installations characters significantly appear in foreground. His production company Humatic Ltd was founded in 2000 together with Nils Peters and develops software tools for art and other use.

Video clip : Not Alone'docid=-4826553005157834010

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Video clip : Not Alone'docid=-4826553005157834010

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